Hello, to all my Beautiful Friends and admirers


Gosh!! I can’t believe it’s actually happening! I’ve finally reached my first milestone I’ve been working towards for the past 2 years!


2019, I endured multiple Surgeries and Chemo.
2020, Well….   We all know how 2020 has been….
But through the thicc and the… Thicc, It looks like there will be a positive outcome for me this year!
Saturday December 5th 2020, I’ll be in Tennessee.
I’ll be picking up a school bus…
Yes you read that right….

Not many people know this about me but I’ve been wanting to build and live in a Skoolie.

(Basically, a repurposed school bus built into a tiny home.) 

How cool is that?
Ultimately, I want to pack up my Clowder, (gang of cats) and live on the road, going on an adventure and discovering the beauty that lies ahead.
I want to meet new people, build more relationships and experience New Traditions.
The best part of all of this,
I’ll be available on tour in so many new places!
I want to share this Milestone with all of you.
All of you make this happen!
Every time you book a date, tip me, buy my content… Everything you do to support me, helps me flourish!
Thank you!


Want to know what Items I need for my remodel? Check out my Amazon  Wish List


Wow Thank you for all the support I have received! I will be updating this page soon, with everything I have done so far and about my Bus! 

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